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“All it takes is one time” welding with the Tweco Fusion MIG gun and you can see the difference!

Gene’s Paint & Body Shop of Denton, Texas, performs collision repair work, and it also specializes in emergency vehicle repair. Welder Brent Culley has more than 25 of experience, including oilfield work. We asked Brent to put the Tweco Fusion MIG with Tweco Velocity consumables to the test, and he reports they delivered better performance and longer consumables life.

With the economy still providing mixed signals, Victor Technologies is approaching business with optimism. Our branding
effort is in full swing, and we are enthusiastic about our newest product offerings both in the U.S. and around the globe.
Beginning with the company name change in May of 2012, and following in October with the alignment of our cutting
brands under the Victor name, we have focused on optimizing the performance of our brand portfolio. This is reflected in the
introduction of new packaging and displays for Victor, along with new “Victor green” trade dress and packaging for Victor Thermal
Dynamics manual and automated product lines.
To our valued distributors, business partners and end users, we share the message that coupled with our brand changes, our
resolve in the pursuit of strong product solutions, innovation and technology remains unchanged.
For example, Victor has introduced its new line of 400 Series oxy-fuel torches that offer better ergonomics and end-user driven
features such as a new contoured handle, three-tube cutting attachment design and color-coded valves for clarity and enhanced
safety. The 400 Series boasts a contoured, high-strength alloy torch handle that, while lighter than a brass handle, balances better
in operators’ hands and better resists wear and abuse.
In Victor Thermal Dynamics Automation, the rollout of the AutoCut XT and UltraCut XT lines represent the next generation in
precision plasma cutting. Ultra-Cut XT systems provide the flexibility to increase cutting power and the assurance of superior
quality, higher productivity and lower cutting costs. And because of its expansion capabilities, there is never a concern about
choosing the right system.
In specialty welding, Tweco also boasts a new logo and refreshed packaging. In addition to the new Tweco Velocity MIG
consumables and light-duty Tweco Fusion MIG guns, Tweco has also announced its scheduled launch of the Tweco Classic Series
MIG guns, an enhancement to the original “numbered series” that is arguably one of the most popular gun designs in the world.
Tweco Classic enhancements will include interlocking joints for superior toughness, an angled trigger for a more comfortable pull
and refined, modernized lines.
In addition to these exciting announcements, we invite you to help us celebrate this year’s 100th anniversary of the Victor brand.
Please read about our 100th Anniversary contests in this issue of NewsUpdate, and we invite you to share in a special celebration
with us later this year at the 2013 Fabtech. Stay tuned for additional details, and again, thank you for your valued role in delivering
Victor Technologies cutting, gas control and specialty welding products that set the standard for versatility and performance.






Joseph F. Mueller
Sr. Vice President, GM Sales, Americas

Catch up with the latest in cutting, gas control and specialty welding with the latest edition of the Victor Technologies’ News Update.

In this issue, find out about the newest products including the Victor 400 Series of cutting torches and handles, the Victor G Series regulators, Tweco Fusion MIG guns and more.

We’ve also got some great articles on welding education, safety and best practices.  Check it out!



Speed Made Easy: New Tweco® Velocity™  MIG Consumables Are Now Part of the 3-in-1 Family of Welding Systems!Tweco is excited to introduce its new Velocity MIG consumables platform. The non-threaded, “drop-in” style Velocity contact tip eliminates the need to use vice-grips, welpers or other tools to remove the tip, even if the wire burns back and fuses inside the tip. The Velocity consumables design integrates the gas diffuser into the conductor tube. This creates an improved all-copper conductor path that provides better electrical conductivity and transfers heat more efficiently away from the tip. As a result, the arc becomes more stable and predictable.

Fabricator 3-in-1 Family of Multi-Process Welding Systems
  • Patent-pending adapter enables Twecoliner to deliver the same great performance in most popular brands of MIG guns.
  • Standardizing on Twecouniversal conduit liners reduces inventory costs.

New TwecoUniversal Conduit Liner Adapts to Most Gun Brands, Reduces Cost and Complexity of MIG Consumables ManagementIn an effort to help distributors and end-users reduce the cost and complexity of consumables management, Tweco  introduces its new series of Universal Conduit liners. These patent-pending, two-piece liners feature a liner crimped with a threaded wire guide and adapters that make it compatible with most major MIG gun brands* including Tweco, Lincoln, Profax, Miller, Hobart, Bernard and Tregaskiss.

Currently, customers with multiple MIG gun brands have to stock conduit liners for each of their gun brands, resulting in large inventory carrying cost. Using the TwecoUniversal Conduit liner, a customer needs to stock only one liner and adapters for each different brand of gun. This reduces inventory carrying costs, which is important in a challenging economic environment. The Universal Conduit liner costs about $9.00 and each adapter cost less than a dollar. Tweco Universal Conduit liners are available for wire diameters 0.030” through 3/32” and are suitable for use with solid wires, stainless and mild-steel flux cored wires.

“Standardizing on Tweco Universal Conduit liners is a smart choice. It can reduce inventory costs by up to 75 percent,” says Indy Datta, Tweco Brand Management, Victor Technologies (Tweco is a Victor Technologies brand).

For a distributor stocking conventional liners for four wire sizes (.030/.035, .035/.045, 1/16 and 3/32) and four brands of guns it would cost about $154 (4 liners times 4 wire sizes = total of 16 liners). Compare this to a cost of $39 for stocking just four Tweco Universal Conduit liners (one liner for each wire size) and four adapters, the total savings is about $115.

“A distributor selling 400 sets of liners annually could reduce inventory carrying costs by more than $46,000,” says Datta. “Reduced stock also frees up shelf space for additional products and simplifies life for the counter salesperson.”

Lincoln is a registered trademark of Lincoln Electric Company; Profax is a registered trademark of Profax; Miller, Hobart, Bernard and Tregaskiss are registered trademarks of ITW, Inc. Victor Technologies International, Inc. is not affiliated with Lincoln Electric Company, Profax or ITW, Inc. Tweco is a registered trademark of Victor Technologies International, Inc.

Tweco Universal Conduit liners come packaged with the Tweco adapter already attached. To simplify the transition for customers, the company maintained the same part numbers when they switched standard Tweco liners to the Universal Conduit liner design. Adapters for other gun brands will be available in packages wit a single-adapter, and also in packages with four-gun brand adapters for end-users who do not know their gun brand.

Tweco liners feature a round piano wire that minimizes drag, enhances wire feed performance and extends liner life, especially compared to liners that use a flat wire with a larger surface area that could create more resistance and faster wear.

We are excited to share with you an impressive line-up of new products to help kick-off the new year!

Victor® has launched its new 400 Series of oxy-fuel torches and G Series regulators to meet the needs of end-users globally. The 400 series is a two-piece torch that incorporates a patented handle design with an innovative cutting Victor400Torchattachment for better ergonomics, a clearer view of the cutting path, visual cues for easier use and enhanced safety.

When sold as part of the Medalist® 250 and 350 outfits, Victor’s new G Series regulator accompanies the 400 Series torch. G Series regulators use a combination of colors on the gauge face to provide clarity for reading needle position, while a scale and red tick mark indicate actual service pressure of the regulator. The G Series also uses ergonomic color-coded knobs to indicate gas type and for better comfort when adjusting gas pressure.

Tweco® has introduced its new Velocity™ MIG consumables platform. Velocity consumables provide smoother arc characteristics, reduce weld spatter and make it easier for the operator to control the arc. Velocity consumables will be featured on new Tweco Fusion™ light-duty MIG guns and incorporated in all Thermal Arc Fabricator® 3-in-1 Series welders.

TwecoFusionMIGGunIn addition, to help you reduce the cost and complexity of managing your consumables, Tweco has launched a new series of Universal Conduit liners. These patent-pending, two-piece liners feature a liner crimped with a threaded wire guide and adapters that make it compatible with most major MIG gun brands* including Tweco, Lincoln®, Profax®, Miller®, Hobart®, Bernard® and Tregaskiss®.  Now you only need to stock one liner and the various adapters, reducing your inventory costs.


* Lincoln is a registered trademark of Lincoln Electric Co. Profax is a registered trademark of Profax. Bernard, Miller, Hobart and Tregaskiss are registered trademarks of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.  The aforementioned trademarks and their respective owners are in no way affiliated with Victor Technologies International, Inc. Tweco Fuson and Velocity are trademarks; and Victor, Tweco, Thermal Arc, Thermal Dynamics, Medalist, Fabricator, Journeyman and Cutmaster are registered trademarks of Victor Technologies International, Inc.