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The Cutmaster® TRUE™ Series – Versatile, flexible, and now more affordable!

Photo: Great Savings on Popular PLASMA CUTTING Equipment!The Cutmaster® TRUE™ Series - Versatile, flexible, and now more affordable!- Includes the industry leading 1Torch® with ATC™ (Advanced Torch Connector) quick disconnect- 4 year power supply warranty Contact your local Victor Thermal Dynamics distributor for full details!

– Includes the industry leading 1Torch® with ATC™ (Advanced Torch Connector) quick disconnect
– 4 year power supply warranty

Contact your local Victor Thermal Dynamics distributor for full details!



Learn More About the Latest Solutions
from Victor Technologies!
For 2013 we are excited to share some great new products and solutions, which include refreshed brand marks and new packaging. Victor Technologies is committed to delivering innovative new products for cutting, welding and gas control. Here are some key updates: 

Victor-PMUB-HeaderNew Victor® 400 Series Torch, Handle and
G Series Regulator

Victor400TorchThe 400 Series is a two-piece torch that incorporates innovative handle and cutting attachment designs, offering better ergonomics, a clearer view of the cutting path, visual cues for easier use and enhanced safety. The G-Series Regulators feature compact industrial designs, unique contrasting gauges for better clarity, and color-coded knobs for improved safety.Download PDF >


Arcair-Matic® N7500 Travel System PackagesArcair-PMUB-Headerbug-o-travel-systemArcair®, the industry leader in air carbon-arc products, joined together with leading travel system manufactures to bring to the market the best automated metal removal system providing superior performance, flexibility, versatility, and safety for your metal removal applications.

Download PDF >


Stoody® Hardfacing & Hardbanding WiresStoody-PMUB-Header
For Oil & Gas Exploration, Refining and Transportation Applications
StoodyWireRod1-MODStoody has developed a series of wires to support end-users engaged in oil and natural gas exploration, transportation and processing applications. These wires extend your equipment’s part life and deliver greater productivity when hardfacing and hardbanding.Download PDF >


Thermal-Arc-PMUB-HeaderThermal Arc®Introduces the 186 AC/DC Portable AC/DC HF TIG System
TA186-Left-Facing-2-REFLECTThe 186 AC/DC is a fully featured, professional performance machine that has been made easy to use with integrated controls and a simple to use set up chart.

Featuring three process capabilities: HF TIG, LIFT TIG, and STICK solutions with AC and DC output, this
machine has the power you need.

Download PDF >


Victor-Thermal-Dynamics-PMUB-HeaderVictor® Thermal Dynamics® Introduces HeavyCut TechnologyHeavyCut-2A Victor® Thermal Dynamics® integrated plasma system delivers the dynamic real-time process control required to make quality cuts consistently. And with HeavyCut technology, precision performance is extended on mild steel up to 2″ (50 mm).Download PDF >

Victor® Thermal Dynamics® Introduces One Torch for VirtuallyAny Plasma Cutting System

1Torch---Plasma-Cutting-1_greenThe Victor Thermal Dynamics 1Torch utilizes revolutionary technology that allows these torches to work with almost any plasma cutting system. 1Torch allows end-users to standardize torches and consumables on a variety of manufacturers’ systems, thus reducing inventory requirements and corresponding expenses associated with operating multiple systems. One torch for virtually any plasma cutting system!

Download PDF >

Tweco-PMUB-BannerNew Tweco® Velocity MIG Consumables Offer Quick Change Tip, Less Complexity, Improved Arc Stability, and Reduced SpatterVelocity-consumable-breakout
Tweco introduces its new Velocity MIG consumables platform, which is integrated into the new Tweco Fusion series of light-duty MIG guns.The non-threaded, “drop-in” style Velocity contact tip eliminates the need to use vice-grips, welpers or other tools to remove the tip, even if the wire burns back and fuses inside the tip. The Velocity consumables design integrates the gas diffuser into theconductor tube. This creates an improved all-copper conductor path thatprovides better electrical conductivity and transfers heat more efficiently away from the tip. As a result, the arc becomes more stable and predictable. 


To learn more about the full range of innovative, industry leading educational opportunities that the Victor Training Team offers, visit the Victor Technologies Training Center.


Victor Technologies Q4 Sales & Marketing Newsletter2012 wrapped up with lots great new products and related updates, including updated brand marks and new product packaging.

For those of you who were able to visit us at Fabtech, November 12-14 in Las Vegas, I’m sure you too were encouraged by the high level of industry participation and interest that was evident throughout the show.

Fabtech was an especially positive event for Victor Technologies, as we unveiled a host of new products and brand announcements, the most visible involving the co-branding of Victor with Thermal Dynamics®, and soon with TurboTorch® and Arcair®. With all cutting processes now unified under the Victor brand, we offer the most advanced array of cutting solutions in the market.

Under the banner of Innovation to Shape the World, our commitment to design and manufacture innovative new products was evident throughout each of our brand exhibits. In automated plasma cutting, “bringing intelligence to the table” was demonstrated with live cutting driven by the Victor Thermal Dynamics iCNC® XT Controller, the latest addition to our offering as a comprehensive solutions provider. The intelligence inside the iCNC XT enables the end user to optimize cut quality and speed at a lower cost per cut, regardless of their plasma cutting and programming experience.

In oxy-fuel cutting, the Victor portfolio is also strengthened with the January 2013 addition of the Victor 400 Series oxy-fuel torch. It incorporates end-user driven features that include a new contoured handle for superior ergonomics, an in-head universal
gas mixer that improves the operator’s view of the cutting path and color-coded knobs for ease-of-use and enhanced safety.

In welding, Tweco® unveiled an updated brand logo and prototypes of new packaging for its line of MIG welding guns. And in this issue of Sales Update, you’ll read about a number of exciting enhancements to the Tweco and Thermal Arc® line of welding products, including new Tweco FusionTM light-duty MIG guns and VelocityTM consumables, both new standards on all Thermal Arc Fabricator® 3-in-1 series welders.

These exciting announcements are part of our commitment to you, our supplier and distributor partners, and your role in delivering Victor Technologies cutting, welding and gas regulation products that set the standard for versatility and performance. For 2013, we invite you to help us celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Victor brand. It is a milestone we are especially proud to share with you, our customers and our employees.

The iCNC XT enables fabricators to achieve the lowest cost per cut or best quality cut in all situations. The intelligence it brings to an integrated system is like having a plasma expert and production engineer inside the box, yet it offers experienced fabricators the flexibility to use their own cutting parameters and software programs.

The iCNC  XT from Victor® Thermal Dynamics®, a Victor Technologies  brand, provides intelligent control for integrated automated plasma cutting systems and offers a suite of capabilities that optimize cut cost and boost operational efficiency. No other plasma control system can match the iCNC XT’s intelligence, simplicity, flexibility and cost savings potential.

Using the iCNC XT can be as simple as entering the material type and thickness, then selecting the desired outcome on the touch screen interface: fastest cut for rapid cycle time or best cut quality so that parts can go straight to the next fabrication step with little or no post-cut surface preparation. Should skilled operators wish to fine-tune variables, they can easily modify them.Intelligence Inside: Victor Thermal Dynamics iCNC XT for Automated Plasma Cutting Provides Tools for Productivity, Profitability

The iCNC XT automatically sets and dynamically controls all process variables (e.g., current, voltage, gas pressure, torch height and torch motion). No plasma experience or nesting program skill is necessary to optimize cut quality, cut speed, cycle time and consumables life. As a result of building intelligence into the iCNC XT, companies can ensure that productivity, quality and profitability remain consistent across all tables and shifts regardless of labor and engineering resources.

Productivity Tools

Building on the iCNC XT’s operating simplicity is a suite of powerful software productivity tools that operate with point and click ease. They include:

  • A Cost Calculator so accurate it can be used for job estimating, which can increase bid competitiveness and/or profit margins.
  • Diameter PROä hole optimization technology, which sets cutting parameters to create “bolt-ready” holes or maintain cut quality on curves and radii. Only a Victor® Thermal Dynamics system using the Water Mist Secondary process can cut bolt-ready holes on non-ferrous materials as well.
  • A Bridge Tool that assigns cut segments between parts to reduce the number of pierces and cycle time, producing a cost savings of up to 40%.
  • Automatic nesting and plate editor tools that lower manufacturing costs by reducing plate waste and idle time.
  • A micro-CAD tool and standard part shapes library that enable the operator to design and/or modify parts and cut paths right at the table; there is no need to go back to engineering, potentially saving hours of downtime.

The iCNC XT can be set up to automatically optimize cutting variables and other settings for the job at hand. “The iCNC XT can achieve the desired quality without any input from the programmer or operator,” says J.P. Kinos, Vice President Brand Management, Automated Plasma, Victor Technologies. “The iCNC XT also provides advanced features which empower operators to optimize the cutting and nesting process after only a few hours of training,” states Kinos.


The iCNC XT incorporates a DXF converter so users can load part drawings directly to the controller, and it is also available as office software for use with any CNC cutting machine capable of reading ESSI or EIA cutting programs.

Unlike other controllers that force users to adopt proprietary software, the iCNC XT also lets customers continue to use their existing office software and nesting programs, so there is no need to retrain employees.

“The iCNC XT works the way users do,” says Kinos. “Fabricators can continue to use their existing programs or use the system’s built-in capabilities. Either way, the iCNC XT will adjust cutting variables to produce the best quality or lowest cost per cut.”

The iCNC XT incorporates dual microprocessors. One microprocessor provides real-time cutting control and enables operators to monitor a job in progress while the second microprocessor enables them to set up another cutting program in a second window. It also features internet-based remote control diagnostics, which enables the Victor Thermal Dynamics customer care team to take control of the iCNC XT and often troubleshoot problems in minutes.

The iCNC XT can be specified with any new Victor® Thermal Dynamics® plasma system, installed as a retrofit and is available as a stand-alone CNC, with or without drives and servo motors.

The CUTMASTER TRUE Series, combined with the well known performance and features of the industry-leading 1Torch, allows you to work all day at our recommended cut capacity but when you need that extra punch, you can be confident that it’s there – Always Delivering More Punch When You Need It.


1Torch – One Torch for Virtually Any Plasma Cutting System

As a replacement (RPT) torch, the 1Torch has the ability to work on sl100_manual2sthe majority of plasma power supplies on the market today.  Its unique design allows the 1Torch the ability to work with high frequency, touch, CD, and moving parts (blow back) start systems.Converting to 1Torch can help you to lower your consumable parts inventories and operating costs.  Only 34 consumables parts cover the full range of cutting and gouging needs up to 120 Amps.  Inventorying parts for a fleet of plasma units can be simplified using the 1Torch.  Fewer torches, fewer parts also means less time ordering and tracking inventory.

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It’s that time again!  The Thermal Dynamics “More Punch With Plasma” end-user promotion is back beginning October 1st!  This is a great time to finally get the plasma system you have been wanting!

End-User customers who purchase a Thermal Dynamics® CUTMASTER® TRUE Series manual plasma cutting system between October 1 and December 31, 2012, can receive a free Thermal Arc 95 S Stick welding kit valued at $341.
The offer applies to CUTMASTER 52, 82, 102 and 152 models. Redemption forms and instructions may be obtained on the Thermal Dynamic’s web site—HERE.


“The CUTMASTER family offers powerful and portable plasma cutting portability, so we wanted to thank our customers with a complimentary product and another additional processes that also offers portability, a Stick/TIG welder than weighs less than 10 pounds,” says Michelle Chamberlain, brand manager, Victor Technologies.

Power and Portability
Thermal Dynamics designed the CUTMASTER TRUE Series with the idea that the recommended cut capacity should also be the true cut capacity. A recommended cut will have a smooth cut face and minimal drag lines, dross and bevel, and the machine will have a 100% duty cycle rating at this output for uninterrupted cutting. All CUTMASTER products provide “more punch” when needed, offering a maximum cut thickness that ranges from 60 to 150% greater than the recommended cut. CUTMASTER products eliminate the concept of having to “buy up,” or purchasing a machine larger than end-users actually need.

The TRUE Series brochure provides complete specifications and cutting speed graphs, but here are details on the products involved the free welder promotion:

  • CUTMASTER 52: weighs 43 lbs. and provides a 1/2” recommended cut at 25 inches per minute, which is 25% to more than 100% faster than competitive models. It delivers a 1-1/8” maximum cut and offers the industry’s only 60-amp drag tip. Users prefer drag tips for cutting light gauge metal up to 1/4” thick because they produce the best cut quality and narrowest kerf width.
  • CUTMASTER 82: also weighs 43 lbs. but provides 80 amps of output power for a 3/4” recommended cut (1-1/2” maximum cut).
  • CUTMASTER 102: the fastest 1” cutting machine on the market today, it cuts 1” steel at 13.5 inches per minute. It wWeighs 62 lbs. and provides 100 amps of cutting power and delivers (1-1/23/4” maximum cut).
  • CUTMASTER 152: weighs only 62 lbs., offers multi-voltage single or 3 phase input capability, and but provides 120 amps of cutting power for a 1-1/4” recommended cut and 2” maximum cut.

All these power sources come standard with a 4 year warranty, feature a roll bar that provides easy transportation and protects the front and rear of the power supply for unmatched durability, and come with all the benefits of the 1Torch®: versatility, flexibility, performance, convenience, and multiple application range with fewer consumable parts required .

Lunchbox Size Welding Power
The Thermal Arc 95 S weighs 9.7 lbs., measures about the size of a lunchbox and uses 115V household power to provide 90 amps of Stick welding output at 20% duty cycle. While extremely compact, the 95 S uses inverter technology to provide positive arcs starts and stable arc performance. It can weld with 6011, 6013, 6014 and 7018 electrodes up to 3/32” diameter.

The Stick welding package provided as part of the offer includes the 95 S power source, Tweco WeldSkill style electrode holder and ground clamp with 10ft. leads and 20-amp adapter plug and cable. The 95 S can also DC Lift TIG weld at 95 amps (20% duty cycle) when paired with Thermal Arc’s 17V TIG torch and argon regulator (each sold separately).

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