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With the economy still providing mixed signals, Victor Technologies is approaching business with optimism. Our branding
effort is in full swing, and we are enthusiastic about our newest product offerings both in the U.S. and around the globe.
Beginning with the company name change in May of 2012, and following in October with the alignment of our cutting
brands under the Victor name, we have focused on optimizing the performance of our brand portfolio. This is reflected in the
introduction of new packaging and displays for Victor, along with new “Victor green” trade dress and packaging for Victor Thermal
Dynamics manual and automated product lines.
To our valued distributors, business partners and end users, we share the message that coupled with our brand changes, our
resolve in the pursuit of strong product solutions, innovation and technology remains unchanged.
For example, Victor has introduced its new line of 400 Series oxy-fuel torches that offer better ergonomics and end-user driven
features such as a new contoured handle, three-tube cutting attachment design and color-coded valves for clarity and enhanced
safety. The 400 Series boasts a contoured, high-strength alloy torch handle that, while lighter than a brass handle, balances better
in operators’ hands and better resists wear and abuse.
In Victor Thermal Dynamics Automation, the rollout of the AutoCut XT and UltraCut XT lines represent the next generation in
precision plasma cutting. Ultra-Cut XT systems provide the flexibility to increase cutting power and the assurance of superior
quality, higher productivity and lower cutting costs. And because of its expansion capabilities, there is never a concern about
choosing the right system.
In specialty welding, Tweco also boasts a new logo and refreshed packaging. In addition to the new Tweco Velocity MIG
consumables and light-duty Tweco Fusion MIG guns, Tweco has also announced its scheduled launch of the Tweco Classic Series
MIG guns, an enhancement to the original “numbered series” that is arguably one of the most popular gun designs in the world.
Tweco Classic enhancements will include interlocking joints for superior toughness, an angled trigger for a more comfortable pull
and refined, modernized lines.
In addition to these exciting announcements, we invite you to help us celebrate this year’s 100th anniversary of the Victor brand.
Please read about our 100th Anniversary contests in this issue of NewsUpdate, and we invite you to share in a special celebration
with us later this year at the 2013 Fabtech. Stay tuned for additional details, and again, thank you for your valued role in delivering
Victor Technologies cutting, gas control and specialty welding products that set the standard for versatility and performance.






Joseph F. Mueller
Sr. Vice President, GM Sales, Americas


Catch up with the latest in cutting, gas control and specialty welding with the latest edition of the Victor Technologies’ News Update.

In this issue, find out about the newest products including the Victor 400 Series of cutting torches and handles, the Victor G Series regulators, Tweco Fusion MIG guns and more.

We’ve also got some great articles on welding education, safety and best practices.  Check it out!




Learn More About the Latest Solutions
from Victor Technologies!
For 2013 we are excited to share some great new products and solutions, which include refreshed brand marks and new packaging. Victor Technologies is committed to delivering innovative new products for cutting, welding and gas control. Here are some key updates: 

Victor-PMUB-HeaderNew Victor® 400 Series Torch, Handle and
G Series Regulator

Victor400TorchThe 400 Series is a two-piece torch that incorporates innovative handle and cutting attachment designs, offering better ergonomics, a clearer view of the cutting path, visual cues for easier use and enhanced safety. The G-Series Regulators feature compact industrial designs, unique contrasting gauges for better clarity, and color-coded knobs for improved safety.Download PDF >


Arcair-Matic® N7500 Travel System PackagesArcair-PMUB-Headerbug-o-travel-systemArcair®, the industry leader in air carbon-arc products, joined together with leading travel system manufactures to bring to the market the best automated metal removal system providing superior performance, flexibility, versatility, and safety for your metal removal applications.

Download PDF >


Stoody® Hardfacing & Hardbanding WiresStoody-PMUB-Header
For Oil & Gas Exploration, Refining and Transportation Applications
StoodyWireRod1-MODStoody has developed a series of wires to support end-users engaged in oil and natural gas exploration, transportation and processing applications. These wires extend your equipment’s part life and deliver greater productivity when hardfacing and hardbanding.Download PDF >


Thermal-Arc-PMUB-HeaderThermal Arc®Introduces the 186 AC/DC Portable AC/DC HF TIG System
TA186-Left-Facing-2-REFLECTThe 186 AC/DC is a fully featured, professional performance machine that has been made easy to use with integrated controls and a simple to use set up chart.

Featuring three process capabilities: HF TIG, LIFT TIG, and STICK solutions with AC and DC output, this
machine has the power you need.

Download PDF >


Victor-Thermal-Dynamics-PMUB-HeaderVictor® Thermal Dynamics® Introduces HeavyCut TechnologyHeavyCut-2A Victor® Thermal Dynamics® integrated plasma system delivers the dynamic real-time process control required to make quality cuts consistently. And with HeavyCut technology, precision performance is extended on mild steel up to 2″ (50 mm).Download PDF >

Victor® Thermal Dynamics® Introduces One Torch for VirtuallyAny Plasma Cutting System

1Torch---Plasma-Cutting-1_greenThe Victor Thermal Dynamics 1Torch utilizes revolutionary technology that allows these torches to work with almost any plasma cutting system. 1Torch allows end-users to standardize torches and consumables on a variety of manufacturers’ systems, thus reducing inventory requirements and corresponding expenses associated with operating multiple systems. One torch for virtually any plasma cutting system!

Download PDF >

Tweco-PMUB-BannerNew Tweco® Velocity MIG Consumables Offer Quick Change Tip, Less Complexity, Improved Arc Stability, and Reduced SpatterVelocity-consumable-breakout
Tweco introduces its new Velocity MIG consumables platform, which is integrated into the new Tweco Fusion series of light-duty MIG guns.The non-threaded, “drop-in” style Velocity contact tip eliminates the need to use vice-grips, welpers or other tools to remove the tip, even if the wire burns back and fuses inside the tip. The Velocity consumables design integrates the gas diffuser into theconductor tube. This creates an improved all-copper conductor path thatprovides better electrical conductivity and transfers heat more efficiently away from the tip. As a result, the arc becomes more stable and predictable. 


To learn more about the full range of innovative, industry leading educational opportunities that the Victor Training Team offers, visit the Victor Technologies Training Center.


 Stoody end-user focus results in development of wires to meet specific challenges of erosion, corrosion and needs of the oil and natural gas industries.

 StoodyVictor Technologies brand, has developed a series of wires to support end-users engaged in oil and natural gas exploration, transportation and processing applications in the U.S. and Canada. These wires extend wire life and support greater productivity when hardfacing and hardbanding (view video).

Drilling (Exploration) ApplicationsStoody Introduces Hardfacing and Hardbanding Wires  For Oil & Gas Exploration, Transportation and Refining Applications

Stoody HB-62 (62 Rockwell C hardness) and Stoody HB-56 (56 Rockwell C hardness) now have Fearnley Procter NS-1ä certification. The company has also developed Stoody HB-Ti for titanium alloys. Stoody developed HB-62 in conjunction with a hard banding company and Pipe clad with this wire went from drilling two holes to six holes before needing resurfacing, a 300% improvement. The Fearnley Procter NS accreditation program provides oilfield equipment and service companies with an industry-recognized approval program that supplements the requirements of American Petroleum Institute standards and demonstrates superior quality management and performance to offshore and onshore operators.

ThermaClad  104TJ is a submerged arc wire intended for the multiple layer buildup and repair of worn tool joints. Weld deposits are crack free, can be machined with high-speed tools, carbide tools and can be flame cut. ThermaClad 104TJ has excellent resistance to impact and plastic deformation.

Pipeline Transportation

StoodCorTM 136 was designed specifically for applications where erosion and corrosion are of equal concern. Through  Stoody’s membership in industry organizations, working directly with end-users in the Canadian oil sands,  Stoody developed a complex carbide alloy that outperforms typical nickel based tungsten carbide wires in slurry jet erosion testing for a fraction of the price. StoodCor 136 is ideally suited for ID cladding on pipe, pipe elbows or plate subjected to a combination of abrasive wear and corrosion.

Processing & Storage

Stoody has developed a nickel-based family of flux cored wires designed to weld Inconel and similar alloys* used to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks and flue gas desulphurization units (FGDs).

*INCONEL® is a registered trademark of the INCO family of companies.

These all-position nickel-based flux cored wires deposit 10 to 15 lbs. of weld metal per hour, which is approximately three to five times the production rate of stick welding. When considering products used for joining or cladding, this family of all-position wires includes:

  • Stoody 625-T1 (AWS: ENiCrMo3T1-1/-4)
  • Stoody 625LI-T1 (AWS:  ENiCrMo3T1-1/-4)
  • Stoody 82-T1 (AWS: ENiCr3T1-1/4)
  • Stoody 182-T1 (AWS:  ENiCrFe3T1-1/-4)
  • Stoody A-T1 (AWS:  ENiCrFe2T1-1/-4)
  • Stoody C276-T1 (AWS: ENiCrMo4T1-1/-4)
  • Stoody 622-T1 (AWS ENiCrMo10-1/-4)

 Stoody nickel-based fluxed cored wires offer the robustness of manual process stick electrodes with the higher productivity rates associated with semi-automatic welding.

Fabtech 2012 is now into Day 2 and there have been exciting things happening at the Victor Technologies booth!  Visitors at the industry’s premier event are getting a sneak peek at examples of the new branding that includes updated brand marks and new product packaging.  Additionally, Victor Technologies is demonstrating our commitment to design and manufacture innovative new products by showcasing the following solutions.

We Bring Intelligence to the Table

The Victor Thermal Dynamics iCNC XT controller brings intelligence to the cutting table in automated plasma cutting.

The “intelligence” inside the iCNC XT enables the end user to optimize cut quality and speed at a lower cost per cut, regardless of their plasma cutting & programming experience.

We Listened.  We Delivered.Torch-6tip

The Victor 400 SeriesOxy-fuel TorchesThe 400 Series is a two-piece torch that incorporates innovative handle and cutting attachment designs that offer better ergonomics, a clearer view of the cutting path, visual cues for easier use and enhanced safety.

Speed Made Easy!

The Tweco Velocity MIG Consumables PlatformTwecoFusion250torch_11-7-12_hi

Integrated into the new Tweco Fusion series of light-duty MIG guns, Velocity non-threaded “drop-in” style consumables provide smoother arc characteristics, reduce weld spatter and make it easier for the operator to control the arc.

The Series is Now Complete

Fab-141i---Package-Contents_hiVictor Technologies will also be completing the Thermal Arc 3-in-1 Series with the introduction of the Fabricator 141i MIG-Stick-TIG welder.

The Fabricator 141i is the first multi-process welder that runs off 115V household current.  It is designed for DIY and home hobby use, as well as other light welding projects in motorsports, auto repair, farm/ranch, metal art and maintenance applications.

New Applications to Meet Your Needs.

Stoody HB-56 applicationThe Stoody hardbanding product family features a full line of casing friendly, crack free and cost effective welding wires.   Each wire has been specially engineered for exceptional wear resistance while providing superior weldability and deposition rates compared to other hardbanding wires.  With Fearnley Proctor NS-1, Level 2 certification the HB-56 and HB-62 wires are not only durable, but also certified for casing-friendly hardbanding.

If you can’t make it to Fabtech, you can still stay up to date with all the latest product announcements and demonstrations by visiting our “Victor Technologies on the Road Blog”. 

Co-branding strategy reinforces Victor® as leading the advancement of cutting and gas control solutions.

Victor Technologies today announced that it has realigned its brand portfolio to position Victor® as the lead brand for cutting and gas control products. “With all cutting processes unified under the Victor brand — and a combined 200+ years of technology advancements — we offer the most advanced array of cutting solutions in the market,” says Martin Quinn, CEO, Victor Technologies.

The company’s line-up now consists of:

  •  Victor Thermal Dynamics®, which encompasses manual and automated plasma cutting systems.
  •  Victor TurboTorch®, which includes air-fuel products for brazing and soldering.
  •  Victor Arcair®, which represents manual and automated gouging systems.
  •  Oxy-fuel cutting and gas control equipment remains branded as Victor.

The Victor announcement is part of the company’s strategy to leverage the strength of its diverse brand portfolio and enhance its position as an innovative provider of cutting, welding and gas control solutions. Visitors at the industry’s premier event, FABTECH (Las Vegas, November 12 – 14), saw examples of the new branding that included updated brand marks and new product packaging.

Victor Technologies demonstrated their commitment to design and manufacture innovative new products with the showcasing of the Victor Thermal Dynamics iCNC® XT Controller, added through the acquisition of Robotronic Oy and ProMotion Controls earlier this year. The iCNC XT brings intelligence to the cutting table and enhances Victor Thermal Dynamics position as a comprehensive solutions provider in automated plasma cutting. The “intelligence” inside the iCNC XT enables the end user to optimize cut quality and speed at a lower cost per cut, regardless of their plasma cutting and programming experience.

The Victor oxy-fuel cutting portfolio was also strengthened with the addition of the Victor 400 Series oxy-fuel torch. It incorporates end-user driven features that include a new contoured handle for superior ergonomics, an in-head universal gas mixer that improves the operator’s view of the cutting path and color-coded knobs for ease-of-use and enhanced safety.

Tweco Brand Refreshed
In addition to its cutting brands, Victor Technologies also unveiled an updated Tweco brand logo and prototypes of new packaging for its line of MIG welding guns, accessories and consumables. “The Tweco brand has a long and trusted relationship with end users, and we updated the look and feel not only to pay tribute to that heritage, but also to welcome a new generation of welders to the brand,” said David Wilton, Vice President Brand Management – Welding Products, Victor Technologies.

A Company Transformation
In May, Thermadyne Industries Inc. changed its name to Victor Technologies International Inc. “This announcement was more than just a name change,” says Quinn. “It marked the start of the transformation of the company and a return to our roots. Victor is our strongest and most recognized brand, and we are looking forward to building on that heritage as we celebrate its 100th year anniversary in 2013.”
Quinn notes that all of the company’s brands share a history and a set of values based on authenticity, innovation and a deep connection with the end user. Through a commitment to these values, Victor Technologies will continue to focus on meeting the needs of the end user customer by providing advanced cutting, welding and gas control solutions through each of its brands.

About Victor Technologies
Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Victor Technologies provides superior solutions for cutting, welding and gas control equipment under brand names that include Victor®, Victor®Thermal Dynamics®, Victor®Arcair®, Victor®TurboTorch®, Tweco®, Thermal Arc®, Stoody®, Firepower® and Cigweld®. For more information about Victor Technologies, its products and services, visit the company’s web site at


Victor Technologies FABTECH Booth—N4522 in the Welding Pavilion
~ Showcases Branded Cutting, Welding, Gas Control Solutions
Fabtech 2012 is fast approaching and we are excited to feature our industry leading products in gas control, cutting, welding and hardfacing.



  • The Victor 400 Series torch features a contoured handle, three-tube cutting attachment and color-coded knobs for ease-of-use, enhanced safety.
  • Victor Thermal Dynamics iCNC XT controller: optimize cut quality and speed at the lowest cost per cut, regardless of operator experience.
  • Tweco Fusion guns feature non-threaded contact tip that improves arc stability.
  • Thermal Arc 186 AC/DC TIG inverter and 3-in-1 Welder Series.
  • Stoody wires for oil/gas applications with NS-1 certification.


 Please be sure to stop by the Victor Technologies booth in the Welding Pavillion to see the these great products and much more!


In addition to the great product demonstrations we will have on hand, we invite you to participate in our Fabtech Education Session titled, “Mastery Based Blended Learning”.

Gain valuable insights from Victor Technologies’ Senior Training Manager on efficient and effective mastery based learning in the classroom, the shop, and online.  We look forward to seeing you there!