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Victor 400 Series torch fan Jo Kerr ( hasn’t got much sleep lately, as he built three cars for Detroit Autorama show the other week: a ’29 Ford Sedan, a ’32 Ford 5 Window Coupe and a ’22 Dodge Modified Roadster.

His hard work paid off, as the Coupe won three awards, including the Builders pick from Chip Foose, a Street Rodder magazine Top 100 award and the Outstanding Coupe award. The Roadster won the Builders pick from Joshua Shaw and an Outstanding Roadster award.
Way to rock the Motor City, Jo!

Our friend Joshua Shaw checked in recently, sending us these great images for his Sprint Car restoration work.


The blue 1926 Locomobile Miller 91 won Best of Class at the prestigious Amelia Island 2013 Concourse D’Elegance, held March 8-13 in Amelia Island, Florida. In addition, the white #1 Tommy Milton Miller 122 (which won Indianapolis in 1923) earned the “Spirit of Harry Miller Trophy.”


As for work, Shaw did complete restorations from bare frame on both.

“We used an oxy-fuel torch to heat, stretch and shrink 80+ years of brutal racing abuse on the frame rails, then broke out the welder to erase cracks and holes drilled by numerous owners running many different engines and components over the years. We also fabricated missing cross members and brackets from original drawings, as well as machined parts, did all the general assembly, installed new plumbing with copper and steel lines and repainted the body. Then the fun part: test driving and tuning.”

Victor Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation!

Founded in 1913, Victor Gas Equipment is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  100 years of safety.  100 years of reliability.  100 years of innovation.

To celebrate, we will be kicking off a year long of festivities.  We are working hard putting the final touches on our plans.  In the coming weeks, Victor will have some big news, and your opportunity to get in on the action.  Stay tuned!

End-user-driven features include new contoured handle, three-tube cutting attachment design and color-coded and labeled valves knobs for clarity and enhanced safety.


Victor® has launched its new 400 Series of oxy-fuel torches to meet the needs of end-users globally. The 400 Series is a two-piece torch that incorporates innovative handle and cutting attachment designs that offer better ergonomics, a clearer view of the cutting path, visual cues for easier use and enhanced safety. The 400 Series meets or exceeds performance and durability expectations of a Victor torch, the industry’s leading brand.

The 400 Series features a contoured,high-strength alloy torch handle that fits naturally in most operators’ hands.

new-WH411_01_coloradjusted2While lighter than a brass handle, the new handle better resists abuse, and it balances well when hoses and attachments are connected.  The durability of the torch handle also improves longevity in situations where tools receive rough treatment, a feature specifically requested by the supervisors interviewed during product development.

Better Visibility

To simplify use and increase precision, the 400 Series cutting attachment provides excellent line-of-sight visibility. Victor accomplished this by departing from its traditional tube-in-tube design to a sleeker three-tube design.

The 400 Series uses a universal mixer design and mixes the gases in the head of the torch. Like all Victor torches, it enables operators to use one torch for all fuels simply by selecting the correct tips or attachment.

To find out more about the new Victor 400 Series torches, CLICK HERE.