Victor® has launched its new 400 Seriesof oxy-fuel torches and G Series regulators to meet the needs of end-users globally. The 400 series is a two-piece torch that incorporates a patented handle design with an innovative cutting attachment for better ergonomics, a clearer view of the cutting path, visual cues for easier use and enhanced safety.

MEDALIST 350 cutting_welding_systemWhen sold as part of the Medalist® 250 and 350 outfits, Victor’s new G Series regulator accompanies the 400 Series torch. G Series regulators use a combination of colors on the gauge face to provide clarity for reading needle position, while a scale and red tick mark indicate actual service pressure of the regulator. G350-150-540_02 Victor G Resies Regulator_oxygenThe G Series also uses ergonomic color-coded knobs to indicate gas type and for better comfort when adjusting gas pressure.  All these features are designed to improve safety during use. 

To find out more about the new Victor 400 Series torches, the G Series regulators and the full line of Victor oxy-fuel cutting products, CLICK HERE.

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