Victor Technologies Introduces Fabricator 141i “3-in-1” Welder, The First 115V, DIY Welder with MIG-Stick-TIG Welding Outputs

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Anything Goes!, Welding
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  • With a list price of $850, multiprocess welding flexibility and easy set-up, this 32-lb. welder provides the best value for DIY and home/hobby welding.
  • 3-in-1 Series now complete; four welders offer outputs from 140- to 300-amps and feature sets that benefit everyone from gearheads to contractors and fabricators.

Victor Technologies will complete the Thermal Arc® 3-in-1 Series with the introduction of the Fabricator® 141i MIG-Stick-TIG welder, scheduled for U.S. and Canada release in early 2013. The Fabricator 141i is the first multiprocess welder that runs off 115V household current. It is designed for DIY and home hobby use, as well as other light welding Victor Technologies Introduces Fabricator® 141i “3-in-1” Welder, The First 115V, DIY Welder with MIG-Stick-TIG Welding Outputsprojects in motorsports, auto repair, farm/ranch, metal art and maintenance applications.

The welder incorporates a built-in wire feed system and accepts 4” or 8” spools of wire. It weighs just 32 lbs. and offers 10 to 140 amps of output power for MIG and Lift TIG welding, and 90 amps for Stick welding. The unit comes with a 115V/20 amp plug, and includes a 115V/15 amp adaptor which enables plugging the unit in to a standard household outlet.

With a list price of $850, the Fabricator 141i costs is priced similar to other MIG-only welders and essentially provides the Stick and TIG welding outputs at no additional cost. Further, the Fabricator 141i provides a stronger MIG welding output than other MIG-only welders. It has the following output ratings and recommended uses:

  • MIG/Flux Cored: 100 amps/19 volts at 37% duty cycle; MIG welding with .023” & .030” solid wires and .030” & .035” self-shield flux cored wires.
  • Stick: 80 amps/23 volts at 35% duty for welding with 1/16” and 3/32” electrodes such as 6011, 6013, 7014 and 7018.
  • DC TIG: 100 amps/14 volts at 37% duty cycle using Lift TIG for arc starts without high frequency.

“Even a beginner should be able to set up the Fabricator 141i and start welding in a very short time,” says David Wilton, Vice President, Global Welding Products, Victor Technologies. A set-up chart inside the wire feed compartment guides users with helpful diagrams and welding parameter recommendations. Push button controls and LED displays simplify operation.

Wilton notes that Victor Technologies now offers Fabricator 3-in-1 Series welders with outputs from 140 to 300 amps. Other products in the Series include the Fabricator 181i (which uses 208-230V primary for welding thicker metal), the Fabricator 211i (for the flexibility of welding with either 115V or 208-230V primary for location flexibility) and the feature-rich Fabricator 252i (for premium arc quality and optimized fabrication performance).


Learn to Weld Faster

Like all welders in the 3-in-1 Series, the Fabricator 141i uses inverter technology for more positive arc starts and a more stable arc. Inverters control the welding output hundreds of times faster than conventional welders. They can detect, clear and re-establish stable weld conditions before competitive units are even aware an unstable arc exists. As a result, the Fabricator 141i helps beginners learn to weld faster, and experienced welders take their results to a higher level. Key features of the Fabricator 141i include:

  • Stick Arc Force Control to adjust arc characteristics for different electrodes and a Stick Hot Start function that helps prevent the electrode from sticking.
  • Superior MIG arc starts and better weld puddle stability, both of which promote better weld quality.
  • MIG inductance control, which improves arc stability and reduces spatter.
  • Lift TIG for arc starts without high frequency and automatic TIG downslope control, which ramps down the current at the end of a TIG weld to eliminate crater formation.

Choose the Best Process

“No welding process works well in every application. In fact, choosing the wrong process is like hammering with a wrench or using a flat head screwdriver on a Phillips head screw,” notes Wilton. “Other welders designed for the DIY market or as a first welder, force the user to choose from one or two processes. With the Fabricator 141i, users get three welding processes, as well as excellent arc performance in every process. It’s the right tool for many applications.”

For example, MIG welding is the easiest process to learn, provides heat control for welding sheet metal, good productivity and the flexibility to welding with steel, aluminum or stainless steel welding wires. The Stick and self-shielded flux cored processes work well in windy and outdoor conditions, as well as on rusty or dirty metal. The DC TIG process enables users to weld stainless, copper, nickel, bronze or brass alloys or on applications requiring precise control over heat input and weld bead placement.

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